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There are many different kinds of locknuts. Pictured below are some of the well known types and styles. Most of the popular sizes, metals, materials and finishes are usually available in one or more of the kinds depicted. Call us for more information.

locknuts, nuts Prevailing-Torque Types
All Metal, One Piece

1, 2 or 3 round, rectangular or other shaped indentations compressed onto the flat sides of the nut distorts the internal threads causing a controlled locking action when engaged with external mating threads.

TRADE NAMES: "Two-Way", "Reversible", "Centerlock"

For use with Grade 2 bolts usually supplied plated

For simple, inexpensive locknut applications

Cross section view (drawn over scale) to show thread engagement

The locknuts pictured below are all similar. Their locking features and general shape are approximately the same. During the manufacturing process, the internal threads are deformed by applying pressure on the outside of the nut. The deformed threads produce a friction fit with the external threads of the bolt. This friction fit is well controlled and induces a locking action that allows for temperature and vibration variations.

TRADE NAMES: "Stover", "Conelock", "Uni-Torque", "Crown Lock" and Others

lock nut, lock nuts, locknut, locknuts Elliptical threads (the locking feature) are formed in the manufacturing process by applying pressure to the sides of the nut near the top.
locknuts, locknut, lock nut, lock nuts This nut is indented directly on the top surface to deform the threads. This locking feature works on the same principle as the one above, giving the same results.

Compression to the sides and the collar area form the elliptical threads that assures the locking fit.

The most popular material for the above nuts is grade "8" or "C" and serves grade 2, 5 and 8 bolts.

Many manufacturers produce the same locking nut in a "flange" type configuration. Check with us for prices and availability.

There are many more styles, kinds and trade names on the market. We can quote price and availability on any of them, but we do not attempt to name all of them here. Call us with your specs at (213) 304-0105.

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